Soul Balm by Clark Moore

Oge Egbuonu

March 3, 2021

Clark interviews writer, director, and producer Oge Egbuonu (“(In)Visible Portraits”). Clark asks Oge about quitting her job in her mid-20s, and the subsequent depression that followed. Oge reveals her journey with yoga, and how breath work became an entry point for healing years of trauma. Clark and Oge bond over breaking social constructs as millennials; something their parents may not relate to. Clark asks Oge about her queer identity. Clark and Oge discuss the emotional labor behind her directorial debut, “(In)Visible Portraits.” Clark asks Oge about the Black archetypes she discovered during her months of research, and she shares her own experiences as a Black woman. Clark and Oge discuss how she was divinely guided into the world of entertainment. Oge reveals how Halle Berry was the one who convinced her to lean into her calling of directing. Finally, Oge shares what is currently healing her mind, body and spirit—her Soul Balm.
Executive produced by Clark Moore (IG: @mrclarkmoore)
Co-Executive produced by Simone Spira (IG: @simcitay)
Produced by Liz McDonnell (IG: @liz_mcdonnell)
Intern Sally Elizabeth Young
Soul Balm is a Paradoxical Production. (IG: @helloparadox)

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