Soul Balm by Clark Moore

Pat Regan

May 5, 2021

Clark interviews the truly iconic comedian, writer, and “Seek Treatment” podcast co-host, Pat Regan. Clark asks Pat about growing up in Long Island with 6 other siblings. Pat shares how his sobriety journey started, and what it was like getting sober where he grew up. Clark asks Pat about his closeted years before coming out at 25. Pat describes his love for long distance running, and how that intertwines with his eating disorder. Clark asks Pat about his relationship with his voice, and they talk about the relationship between sexism, misogyny, and homophobia. Pat reveals that he worked through his anger in therapy, and how that changed his relationship with his family. Finally, Pat shares what is currently healing his mind, body and spirit—his Soul Balm.

Executive produced by Clark Moore (IG: @mrclarkmoore)
Co-Executive produced by Simone Spira (IG: @simcitay)
Produced by Liz McDonnell (IG: @liz_mcdonnell)
Intern Sally Elizabeth Young
Soul Balm is a Paradoxical Production. (IG: @helloparadox)

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